Stability Barrel™


The Stability Barrel™ is a versatile, multi-purpose tool that expands programming options with the added ability to be used inverted or upright. Providing exceptional proprioceptive feedback and total body support for clients, this perfect addition to any studio or clinic can be utilized in programming for rehabilitation through to advanced training for athletes. We find it’s ideal for aligning and mobilizing the spine, improving posture and developing balance and control.

Position upright to facilitate scores of strengthening and toning moves or invert with the rounded side down to create a plane of instability to challenge balance, stability and body awareness. Next, flip over with the flat side down to create programs that target supported mobility of the spine; the gentle curved surface features a more gradual slope that provides cushioned support for the body in prone, supine or side-lying positions. This dynamic barrel can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment like the Cadillac and Tower Trainer for even more programming options.


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